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Personalised Training
& Coaching

Whether your goals are to improve your endurance, to complete a local or iconic European mountain stage sportive, increase your power to reduce your 10 mile TT time, train for the cycling element of a triathlon or simply become a more competent cyclist & lead a healthier lifestyle, I am here to help you through your journey.

Why you should train with me...

There are endless cycling coaching services out there, from sports scientists, ex-professionals and enthusiastic coaches with teams of coaches sat behind their name but I provide a personal one to one service.  Working in the industry for over 25 years within my own cycle shop & service centre in Andover on the back of my own personal goals and achievements in cycling disciplines has given me an immense understanding of all things cycling.   The optimisation of a cyclists comfort, performance and efficiency through my bike fitting service combined with my ABCC coaching qualification gives me a huge skill base to generate training plans to optimise cyclists on their journey to reach their goals. 

Training Plans

All my training plans are written bespoke for each individual case. Depending on the ultimate goal and initial level of fitness and experience will determine the structure.


My plans start at £150 per month.  We begin with a face to face consultation to establish goals, limitations and the starting point.  The plan is then written on a weekly basis, structured around the lifestyle and limitations of the client.  All communication is via WhatsApp unless we have a one-to one review session and we exchange feedback after every session to ensure the plan is focused and driving in the right direction. 

Other facilities I provide are:

One to one performance testing

One to one coached rides

Out of season structured base fitness training

Bike fitting

Contact me

I'm always looking to help cyclists along their journey.  Let's connect.


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