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Indoor Training Studio

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What we offer

The PowerCycle indoor cycle training studio is open to all cyclists wanting to improve their performance. Whether you are a complete beginner looking to gain strength and confidence or a club rider looking to improve power and strive to achieve those marginal gains, we have something for you.


With 6 Wattbikes in the studio, we have the optimum facility to support your needs. Due to the individual metrics on display each session is designed to improve your pedalling efficiency whilst tuning your engine to perform at its optimum.


No compromises just good quality training.

No compromises just good quality training.

  • One 2 Ones

  • Group Sessions

  • Structured Training plans specific to you

  • Drop In ~ 1 hour sessions. You upload the Wattbike app to your phone, then you reap the benefits & rewards of the ultimate indoor trainer without having a huge investment…

  • Testing Individuals looking for performance gains and wish to do some benchmark testing (FTP/MMP/MHR/Max Sprint/30 sec test). After all, data output is only as good as the data input.


Call us now on
01264 353322
for the current studio timetable 

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